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Home visit service available - a non-refundable call out charge may be required.
We cover Greater Manchester & Cheshire.

Curious about the difference private hearing aids might make compared to your current NHS options? Perhaps you’re venturing into the world of hearing aids for the first time and are keen to find out how they could enhance your hearing experience?

AJC Hearing offers comprehensive hearing consultations to help you decide.

During the consultation, we will examine your ears for wax build-up or any other factors that might be impacting your hearing ability. Then, we will conduct a thorough hearing test to determine the severity of your hearing loss.

If it is determined that hearing aids could be beneficial for you, we will provide a demonstration pair for you to trial for one week.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your hearing. Schedule a consultation with AJC Hearing today.

Questions about hearing tests

No, hearing tests are free of charge


It can take between thirty and ninety minutes, depending whether we are setting up some trial hearing aids.

Yes, we do home visits within the SK and Greater Manchester postcodes. A non-refundable call out charge may be required.

If you are having problems with your hearing and you do not yet wear hearing aids it is advisable to get them checked by a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist. They will then advise you accordingly whether or not you need hearing aids (or may possibly refer you to your GP for medical advice).

For those who wear hearing aids already, it is advisable to have a test either annually or whenever you feel that the hearing aids are not performing to their optimum level. At this stage they may require reprogramming.

  • I have been using Andrew at AJC Hearing for the past 4 years and he has always been professional, empathic and friendly. His understanding of the various hearing aids on the market is exceptional and therefore he is best placed to give impartial advice on the most suitable hearing aid for the client. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a hearing aid and wanting the support of a caring professional

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