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A hearing consultation is an opportunity to establish if you do have hearing loss and if so, would hearing aids be of benefit?

Most hearing loss is permanent so when it occurs there is an inevitability that one day hearing aids will be required.

It’s better to find out early so that even if you don’t feel ready to wear hearing aids right now, you will become more aware of why some sounds are more difficult to hear than others.

Your consultation starts with a hearing test.


  • A Hearing Test is free of charge.
  • Same day appointments available.
  • Discover better hearing today with our No Obligation FREE Trial. Experience the benefits of hearing aids on a test drive.
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Home visit service available - a non-refundable call out charge may be required.
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Common questions

AJC Hearing will let you trial some hearing aids Free of Charge for 7 days.  That way you can decide whether or not hearing aids are of benefit right now, or whether it is something that can wait and be revisited at a future date.

It's entirely your choice whether or not to wear hearing aids.  Hearing loss does tend to be permanent though and will continue to worsen over time.

In recent years scientists have linked early onset of Alzheimer's to failure to deal with hearing loss early enough.  Also those who deal with the problem earlier often adapt better to wearing hearing aids than those who wait until they can't manage without them.

Nothing will ever get your hearing perfect again but hearing aids can make a significant difference in taking the strain out of listening and giving you a better quality of life.

  • I have recently purchased my first pair of hearing aids from Andrew Cattini (AJC Hearing) due to my hearing loss and tinnitus.

    Andrew offers a great service. He spent time with me, explaining any relevant issues of using hearing aids and their suitability for my requirements prior to doing the actual hearing test in the comfort of my own home.

    I had previously gone to a large high street franchise, but decided to see if I could better the prices I had been quoted, and this is where AJC Hearing saved me over £1100 on the exact same model of hearing aids! (Phonak Audeo Yes). Whilst still offering the same level of free service and support.

    Andrew did a follow up consultation after a few weeks to make sure I was happy, and I was - with the advice, the product and a great personal service.

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