• What a lucky day that was when I found Andrew and the wonderful service he offers. Having worn hearing aids for some time and then moved home I knew what I was looking for in an audiologist – and I found it!

    Andrew's attitude to his work is so personal and professional. It is obvious that audiology is not just a way of generating an income for him. He is genuinely interested in both the subject and also the customer’s experience, which he strives hard to make as comfortable and good as possible. He has always been so patient, respectful and swift to respond – even while away on holiday break.

    In conclusion, I would recommend his services to anyone who had a hearing loss and was fortunate enough to live within his catchment.

  • I have been using Andrew at AJC Hearing for the past 4 years and he has always been professional, empathic and friendly. His understanding of the various hearing aids on the market is exceptional and therefore he is best placed to give impartial advice on the most suitable hearing aid for the client. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a hearing aid and wanting the support of a caring professional

  • I have recently purchased my first pair of hearing aids from Andrew Cattini (AJC Hearing) due to my hearing loss and tinnitus.

    Andrew offers a great service. He spent time with me, explaining any relevant issues of using hearing aids and their suitability for my requirements prior to doing the actual hearing test in the comfort of my own home.

    I had previously gone to a large high street franchise, but decided to see if I could better the prices I had been quoted, and this is where AJC Hearing saved me over £1100 on the exact same model of hearing aids! (Phonak Audeo Yes). Whilst still offering the same level of free service and support.

    Andrew did a follow up consultation after a few weeks to make sure I was happy, and I was - with the advice, the product and a great personal service.

  • I suffered a severe bout of highly distressing tinnitus.

    I attended several well known Clinics/ audiologists believing that had to be the way forward, but they all made me feel as if I was just another customer, dwelling upon hearing loss ( which I don’t have) not tinnitus.

    I came across Andrew, WOW, what a difference, interested, personal, focused, attentive, knowledgeable and connected, he directed me towards the appropriate hearing aids and focused upon the tinnitus which others had not, brilliant service and attention, fantastic after service, makes me feel that he cares for me.

    Thank you Andrew.

  • I can hear better. It was a weird feeling. Lovely bloke though

  • I had microsuction procedure carried out. Wax removal. Was fast and successfully carried out.

  • Had micro suction to remove ear wax, professional and friendly service.

  • Andrew at AJC Hearing has sorted out a hearing issue on two occasions for me in the last few years.

    Professional, polite and great value for money, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AJC to anyone.

    Thanks again Andrew!

  • After 2 weeks of not being able to hear, I had my ears Microsuctioned at AJC and found INSTANT relief! Not overly expensive and I was able to get a next day appointment. Needless to say, I would visit again in a heartbeat!

  • Very prompt service. Easy to get an appointment. I have my ears microsuctioned about every 12 to 18 months when they become blocked. Its fantastic feeling to be able to hear again. His treatment never fails.

  • Woke up deaf in left ear on Saturday morning rang AJC left a message. They rang back a few minutes later, made an appointment for 9am the following Monday. Seen on time both ears sorted very quickly. Excellent service throughout.