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Hearing Aid Repairs

Just because your hearing aids are no longer under the manufacturers warranty doesn’t mean they are beyond economical repair.   Hearing aid manufacturers generally give between two and five years warranty after which repairs (if they still do them on the technology level you have) are chargeable.

At AJC Hearing we use a local hearing aid repairs centre that can fix hearing aids from all major brands at reasonable prices.   Sometimes a brand has said “We no longer support that technology level as we no longer have the parts” and our supplier has still managed to repair them.

Even if you are purchasing new hearing aids, it is always a good idea to keep one of your older sets in good working order.  You never know when you may need them for an emergency.

  • I suffered a severe bout of highly distressing tinnitus.

    I attended several well known Clinics/ audiologists believing that had to be the way forward, but they all made me feel as if I was just another customer, dwelling upon hearing loss ( which I don’t have) not tinnitus.

    I came across Andrew, WOW, what a difference, interested, personal, focused, attentive, knowledgeable and connected, he directed me towards the appropriate hearing aids and focused upon the tinnitus which others had not, brilliant service and attention, fantastic after service, makes me feel that he cares for me.

    Thank you Andrew.

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