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AJC Hearing:  Independent suppliers of Hearing Aids since 2008.

Independent Advice

AJC Hearing supply hearing aids from eight leading manufacturers including Phonak, Oticon, GN Resound, Unitron, Widex and Starkey.

In an everchanging market we offer impartial advice on what the right product is for your individual needs.

Our Free No Obligation Trial gives you the opportunity to try before you buy and gives you complete peace of mind on the decision you make.

Aftercare & Support

Free ongoing aftercare and support for the life of your hearing aids is all part of the service at AJC Hearing.

Unlike certain high street hearing aid retailers, at AJC Hearing, you will see the same person each time you visit.

About AJC Hearing

AJC Hearing have been supplying Independent hearing aid advice since 2008,

During that time, hearing aid technology has kept on moving and manufacturers keep innovating with new ideas.

Being truly independent means if something brilliant and innovative comes out, AJC Hearing can offer it.

What that means is we can offer the best technology in the whole market and not just the best that one particular manufacturer does.

How we help you to choose the right hearing aid

There are all sorts of things that can influence the suitability of some hearing aids from arthritic fingers to patient's lifestyle and budget.

At AJC Hearing, our goal is to help you find the best hearing system within your budget that caters for the demand of your lifestyle.

Things that may factor into this process include the following.

  • Rechargeable or disposable battery version?
  • Style of hearing aids? ITE (In The Ear) or RIC (Receiver In The Canal) being the two most popular
  • Technology level best suited to patients lifestyle?
  • Is the hearing aid wearer an Apple or Android user?
  • Or do they prefer the most basic and straightforward to use technology?

Common questions

At AJC Hearing our cheapest hearing aid starts at £595 per hearing aid and go up as high as £1895 each for the most technologically advanced instruments. As you would expect however, there are lots of different models in between to choose from.

Until we test you, it's difficult to say. You may not need any hearing aids at all.

What is certain however is that where there is a hearing loss in both ears, a binaural fitting (two hearing aids) is medically proven to produce greater results than wearing a hearing aid in one ear only.

Binaural hearing particularly improves speech perception in more challenging environments and is also proven to increase the users ability to localise where a sound is coming from.

At AJC Hearing, we are not tied to using one manufacturer and this means we can offer the client a choice of the most suitable hearing instruments from all the major hearing aid brands with no limitations. It also means that if they have worn a particular brand of hearing instruments before and want to purchase the same make again, then we can supply them with the latest technology from that manufacturer.

For RIC (Receiver In The Canal), once we order your hearing aids, fitting can usually be done within a week.

If you decided to order ITE (In The Ear) hearing aids, an impression of your ears will be needed.  This is then sent away to a manufacturer.


A follow up visit will be arranged within the first two weeks so that the hearing aids can be fine-tuned to ensure optimum performance levels. Further appointments may also be required and thereafter a free annual check is also highly recommended.

If you are not satisfied with your hearing system we will happily exchange for a different model or alternatively give you a complete refund.

Our method of choice for wax removal is micro suction.

Yes, micro-suction is a safe procedure, even for those who have had medical issues with their eardrums, such as perforations or gromits.

For instore appointments, AJC Hearing has a clinic in Stockport.

1 Garnett Street

AJC Hearing also offers home visits covering the North West of England including Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.  Call out fees may apply.

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