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AJC Hearing offer free ongoing aftercare at our base in Stockport for the life of your hearing aids.

We like to see you regularly, so we can check your ears and make sure there are no potential wax issues on the way.

We like to ensure your hearing aids are working at their optimum level, which will also involve regular re-tests of your hearing.


Customer aftercare

* Callout charge may apply for home visits.

  • I have recently purchased my first pair of hearing aids from Andrew Cattini (AJC Hearing) due to my hearing loss and tinnitus.

    Andrew offers a great service. He spent time with me, explaining any relevant issues of using hearing aids and their suitability for my requirements prior to doing the actual hearing test in the comfort of my own home.

    I had previously gone to a large high street franchise, but decided to see if I could better the prices I had been quoted, and this is where AJC Hearing saved me over £1100 on the exact same model of hearing aids! (Phonak Audeo Yes). Whilst still offering the same level of free service and support.

    Andrew did a follow up consultation after a few weeks to make sure I was happy, and I was - with the advice, the product and a great personal service.

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