Digital Hearing Aids Stockport & Manchester

Invisible in the Canal

Situated deeper in the ear canal than CIC aids (and therefore invisible to others).

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Suitable for those with one aidable ear but one ear unsuitable for a hearing aid.

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Behind the ear (BTE)

Consists of the hearing aid sitting behind the ear and a mould going in the ear.

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In The Ear (ITE)

Custom made to the shape of the individuals ear. The hearing aid sits neatly in the ear.

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Invisible Open Technology

The main part sits in the canal, practically invisible in the curve of your ear.

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Completely in the Canal (CIC)

The most invisible of hearing aids. Sits deep in the ear canal leaving the hearing aid unnoticeable.

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Open Ear

Designed for people who have high frequency hearing loss which sits behind the ear.

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Receiver In the Ear (RITE)

Similar to 'Open Ear' except the receiver sends the sound into the ear.

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