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Prestbury Digital Hearing Aids

Welcome to AJC Hearing.

If you reside in Prestbury and have a hearing impairment, you may like to know that a free home hearing test is now available from AJC Hearing.

AJC Hearing are an independent hearing aid company.  Unlike many of the national high street hearing aid retailers, they are not affiliated with any single manufacturer, which means you'll recive  impartial advice and a choice of products from the likes of Siemens, Widex, Starkey, Unitron, Bernafon, Phonak, Oticon and GN Resound.

A free hearing test will help establish the extent of any hearing loss and whether or not you require digital hearing aids yet.  If you do, we can demonstrate a pair set to your perscription so you can experience first hand the difference digital technology can make.  

If you're happy with the results, there are lots of tiny, discreet models to choose from. 

AJC Hearing is a local Cheshire based company.  We offer a wide range of products at prices that are often much cheaper than many national hearing aid retailers.  What's more, all our aftercare is free of charge in the comfort of your own home.

We also carry out hearing aid repairs on all manufacturers.

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